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Before Consultation

So you’re interested in getting a tattoo and you’re not sure how it works?…Need more info? Request a call back to get the right information!

Getting a tattoo...


So you’re interested in getting a tattoo and you’re not sure how it works?…

Take a look through our artists’ portfolios or our tattoo styles pages. This will show you what can be achieved and should help you whittle down your ideas to a style or favourite artist. If you’re still unsure, feel free to give us a call to discuss it with one of our friendly and knowledgeable front of house team.

Our aim is to match you with the best artist suited to your requirements. It’s always helpful for us to see reference images of the kind of thing you would like, so feel free to Email this ahead of calling so that we can have a chat about options for you.

Once we’ve established the right artist for the job, we’ll arrange a free no-obligation consultation with the artist directly. This is a 15-minute chat, often in the studio in the morning but can be done over the phone or over email if that’s not convenient.

Consultations generally last around 15 minutes…

…and it’s an opportunity for you and the artist to collaborate on your ideas, so bring some reference images and an open mind.

From your discussion, the artist will provide you with an idea of how much the tattoo should cost. You can then see our front of house staff to check diary space and book in. If you need to go away and think about it, that is absolutely fine.

If you do decide to book in, we’ll require a non-refundable booking fee to secure your session. The booking fee amount will depend on how long the session is and which artist you are booking with.

We also offer interest free finance. If this option appeals to you, you can discuss this with the studio front of house staff after your consultation and we can take a look at the options – see finance page here for further details on how this works.