15 Years Bringing our Clients Custom Art

Welcome to Calcutta Ink. Inspired by the incredible work of a Darjeeling tattoo artist, Calcutta Ink was born. Founded in 2009, Calcutta Ink has been providing a platform for artists from all over India. We started at a time, where there were not many options in Calcutta for a tattoo. Since we were established, we continue to strive for excellence in your tattoo and piercing experience.Come to our studio,meet the artists and collaborate on your custom piece. Our studio is designed to bring you not only a world-class tattoo, but also a chill, relaxed environment.

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Why 13 years of Tattooing Experience Makes Calcutta Ink the Best Tattoo Studio For You to Choose for Your Tattoo.

The Beginnings : Calcutta Ink Tattoo Studio started in 2007 as a side hustle with Sid and two artists. They started in a 60 square foot space with a dream, talent and drive. The small yet cool space was full of art and character. Located at Park Circus in Calcutta, this space created a platform for artists to hone their skill. Although the original artists are no longer at Calcutta Ink, they are part of the fabric of the business. They were an integral part of getting the business off the ground. Since the beginnings, the studio has been a platform for artists from all over Calcutta and all over India. Now located in Golpark, near Anjali jewelers; Calcutta Ink continues to expand and continues grow in art and in business. From 3 people in 2007 to 8 people today, the team continues to expand. Sid’s dream evolves and grows for his studio and the artists he works with. With every day his passion for expansion and recruitment remains. Calcutta Ink brings a great energy to the business world in Calcutta. They are a place where clients feel listened to and feel like they belong. This is more than a tattoo studio, it is an experience.

Why Calcutta Ink Tattoo Studio: All of this experience and the journey that Sid and his artists have been on have brought them to here. 13 years in the business. 13 years of experience in the tattoo world. Calcutta Ink Tattoo Studio is not just a business. It is a team of people who create an environment and experience that their clients love. From professional consultations with your artist, to an impeccably clean studio, to the down to earth vibes throughout the studio, Calcutta Ink clients feel like they belong, that they are among friends, but also that they are getting a professional service. They provide not only tattoos, but piercings as well. Whatever you visit the studio for; they will take good care of you.

Team: The Team at Calcutta Ink brings you more than a service; they bring you an experience as a client. With a variety of artists that specialize in different kinds of tattoo styles, you as a client will be sure to find the right match for the kind of tattoo that is right for you. Each artist takes time to understand what you want and make sure they understand the details of your vision. Then they interpret it through a sketch. The Consultation is an important aspect in creating your tattoo, getting to know your artist and making sure you get everything you want out of the inking experience. Each of our tattoo artists desires to create with you and bring you the best piece of art to adorn on your body. We are proud of having some of the most talented and best tattoo artists in the area.

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